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When these ideas first started working for me, you can imagine I got pretty passionate about sharing them with other people.  One of the first was a friend of mine from Texas. In her early sixties, the stresses of her professional job and family responsibilities had crowded out any outdoor activities and healthy eating habits.  Continue Reading…

  For those of you following me on Social Media, you saw me congratulating a friend of ours for running 132 miles in 3 days for a charity organization.  Many of my friends had the same reaction as you’re probably having – “Why would she do that? Hahaha…”  Isn’t that a great question?  Why would Continue Reading…

2010 Nation's Triathlon - Swim Practice
Have you ever been swimming in a lake or reservoir?  I have done it the past two weekends in races.  And I learned something. The water is usually brown, and if you’re lucky you can see 2-3 feet around you.  While you’re swimming, head-down, it’s very easy to get off course.  That makes the swim Continue Reading…

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